Welcome to IBTech@ARBS a new and exciting precinct within the exhibition dedicated to Intelligent Buildings Technologies and solutions.


Data and technology is transforming our built environment. As smart building solutions continue to evolve, they allow property developers and owners to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and enhance occupant comfort. Recent advancements have meant greater integration and interoperability between key systems, resulting in highly sophisticated building control strategies.

Join us at IBTech@ARBS to discuss the future of connected buildings, enabled by intelligent and sustainable design.  IBTech@ARBS is a dedicated precinct within Australia’s only international air conditioning, refrigeration and building services trade exhibition, where visitors can explore cutting-edge intelligent building technologies and solutions.

IBTech@ ARBS Insight Series - see the Timetable HERE

Join building owners and operators, design and implementation experts, product designers and suppliers at the IBTech@ARBS Insight Series to explore such topics as;

  • What are some of the threats associated with connected buildings and data protection and why is cyber-security a necessity?
  • As the rate of technological change continues to accelerate, what will SMART buildings of the future look like? What barriers (obstacles) will we face and what are the major trends driving the industry?
  • How do we design and future proof buildings for IoT and meet the challenges of budgeting, selecting and deploying the tech considering the timeline of a typical project vs the changes in technology.

Don’t miss IBTech@ARBS’ keynote presentation delivered by Google’s Strategic Cloud Engineer, Shyam Govardhan! See more HERE

See Product Demonstrations

Attendees can interact with SMART building technology developers in the dedicated exhibition area and benefit from live demonstrations of industry specific SMART building products and solutions.

Join our Live Integration Project

In an Australian first, IBTech@ARBS exhibitors will attempt a live integration by connecting as many devices as possible to the cloud and sharing data. Outcomes of the project will be presented to attendees.

See the full list of IBTech Exhibitors HERE

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Explore how together, we can better design, control and innovate to sustainably and efficiently transform our built environment.

Source emerging trends in intelligent building technologies with live demonstrations of the latest digital products and systems.

Share how connected building technology is impacting the HVAC&R industry through a range of educational sessions and uncover what the future holds for SMART Buildings.

Connect with SMART Building technology developers, end users, industry experts and professionals.

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