IB04: Smart Deployment Expert opinions

Jon Clarke, Associate Director - Controls and Integration Manager, 
Norman, Disney & Young (Facilitator)

Panel Experts TBA

A Smart building requires a high level of technology deployed within its base building infrastructure and throughout the tenancy space. The challenge is how to budget, select and deploy the tech considering the timeline of a typical project vs the changes in technology. In this session we ask industry experts how they are looking to disrupt the traditional construction methods to align with the technology industry.

Wednesday 9th May - 10:30 - 11:30

Jon has been in the controls and automation industry for over 30 years with many of those as a systems integrator and designer. Jon has consulted to major building portfolio owners and technology manufacturers with a focus on integrated solutions, and is at the leading edge of data analytics and “smart” building technology. Jon leads the NDY Digital Buildings team in Sydney working with global clients to create IoT standards disrupting the industry into the next generation of cloud enabled buildings.  






Note: The program and timetable may be subject to change.